AVANCE is a ready-to-wear label created by a group with high regards in the mentality of the individual. The name of the brand, AVANCE, originates from the French language and can be translated to “advance, lead, push”, which ultimately depicts the mindset of the group. AVANCE was born from a generation unafraid of progresssion, therefore all items created will be bred in an idea that adjusts and reforms from collection to collection. Driven by individuals pushing boundaries and breaking new ground to continually advance, the outcome is to be a foundation with the purpose of capturing the present in a modernized way to reinforce and redefine the stories of our time.


Established by the duo Oliver Kumbi and Iskias Araya the brand AVANCE has it’s roots in the outskirts of Stockholm where the duo both were born and raised. Devoting themselves in individual journeys within both the music and fashion industries working alongside well known international and national acts the duo together molded their imaginative methods of creative expression. The duo has a keen desire to explore beyond as well as deep in to the framework of their upbringing in Stockholm, where their culture and experiences exploring the world reaches it’s pinnacle.

This is now ground zero of the founders joint creative endeavor to depict their individual conception of life thus far..

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